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Niche Bridge & Structure Management (NBSM)

Niche Bridge & Structure Management Pty Ltd (NBSM) is operated under a sole directorship based out of its offices in Geelong, Victoria.

The principle of NBSM is Michael du Vallon B.E. who has in excess of 24 years experience in the bridge industry. The initial foray into the world of bridges and civil structures was post graduation from Monash University in Clayton, Victoria. Commencing work in 1991 with Granor Rubber & Engineering Pty Ltd the association with design, manufacture, supply and installation of structural bridge bearings and bridge deck movement joints was born and a solid grounding in the industry was established over a 6 ½ year period. In 1997 an opportunity presented and Niche Engineering Pty Ltd was founded and traded under the business name of Niche Industries. Over the 18 years that followed its inception, Niche Industries was involved in excess of 500 projects directly related with bridge and structure maintenance for a variety of clients including Road Authorities, Shire Councils and Private Contractors. Throughout this 18 year period a comprehensive knowledge of bridge maintenance activities and management of contract maintenance projects was obtained, subsequently leading to the expansion of the company group with the establishment of Niche Bridge & Structure Management Pty Ltd to further enhance the services offered under the Niche banner.









Our Background

Niche Bridge & Structure Management Pty Ltd (NBSM) was formed by its principle, Michael du Vallon, in 2015. NBSM was established to assist Road Authorities, Shire Councils, Consultant Engineers and Private Contractors with the management of bridge maintenance, strengthening, upgrading and preservation. With over 24 years of experience in the industry from structural bridge bearing and bridge deck joint design, through to management and delivery of an expansive array of bridge maintenance and upgrade projects, the knowledge and expertise made available to clients via NBSM is considerable.

It is the simple nature of bridge structures that they all have a “unique personality” and it would be uncommon to find two identical structures behaving in an identical manner.  To care for and maintain any particular bridge structure first requires a full understanding of what is happening to the structure in order to diagnose the issue, plan a suitable treatment, source appropriate products and facilitate the works.  This is our niche. Michael du Vallon B.E.

Director, Niche Bridge & Structure Management (NBSM)

Our Services

There are essentially four distinct client bases to which NBSM can offer its services on either a contract or consultative basis. These are Road Authorities, Shire Councils, Consultant Engineers and Private Contractors.

Road Authorities & Shire Councils
Over the past decade many personnel, highly knowledgeable in bridge structures and the maintenance and preservation thereof have been lost from road authorities and shire councils. The reasons for the loss of these personnel, with such specific knowledge are varied, however it has predominantly been driven by strict budgetary demands and the evolution of organizational policies. NBSM offers its knowledge and experience to assist Road Authorities & Shire Councils to fill this void in a range of bridge management areas. These areas may include;

  • Inspection and condition assessment reporting of the general bridge structure or culvert and its multiple components.
  • Location and proving of steel reinforcement in concrete structure elements.
  • Provide scoping of any potential upgrading, maintenance or preservation works associated with a particular structure.
  • Undertake a constructability review/ specification review of upcoming bridge maintenance / bridge upgrade contracts prior to release for tender.
  • Provide comprehensive work method statements relating to a specific process or procedure associated with maintenance or upgrade techniques.
  • Provision of Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s) for specific processes or procedures associated with more complex structure maintenance or upgrade methods.
  • Provision of supervision or surveillance for specific processes or procedures associated with more complex structure maintenance or upgrade works.
Consultant Engineers / Design Engineers:
Consultant or Design Engineers are often required to have a broad base of structural engineering knowledge and skills that may not necessarily be specific to bridge structures and the maintenance thereof. NBSM can be a valuable resource to the Consultant or Design Engineer in the early stages of their engagement on a specific bridge maintenance or upgrade project. The experience gained by many years of having a hands on approach in the delivery of structure maintenance and upgrade projects can inevitably assist the Engineer commissioned with the task of designing the upgrade to deliver practical and economically effective solutions to their client.
Private Contractors
With the evolution of alliance contracting and the letting of larger, all encompassing maintenance contracts, the engaged contractor requires expertise in a broad range of disciplines. The percentage of bridge & structure maintenance embedded within a large regional maintenance contract may be relatively insignificant in comparison to that associated with other aspects of the contract. NBSM can offer to provide its experience and expertise in managing and even delivering this small component of the overall contract on behalf of the head contractor or alliance. Similarly a contractor engaged on a road upgrade or duplication project will often have a number of structures that will require upgrading as a relatively small component of the works. NBSM offers itself as a resource to said contractors in the management, and possibly delivery, of these works.

In Excess of 25 Years Industry Experience

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